The Columbia Center for Human Development (CCHD) is a multi-disciplinary research hub focused on normal development, repair-regeneration, and the developmental origins of human diseases. The CCHD investigators use clinical resources, genetic mouse models, human pluripotent stem cells and organoid technology to model diseases and other state-of the art approaches. The ultimate goal of the center is to develop novel strategies for therapeutic intervention in human diseases.

The CCHD is located in the William Black Building at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center Campus. Our center includes laboratories, supporting administrative staff and research facilities for microscopy-image analysis, stem cell and organ culture, histology, molecular biology as well as other shared core facilities. In addition to its research mission, the CCHD provides a rich training environment for CUIMC students, with faculty members serving as mentors in various graduate (MD, PhD) and postgraduate Fellowship Programs.

Jianwen Que, MD, PhD
Director of the CCHD